Obstruction Lights for Tall Buildings

The regulation of obstruction lights not only depends on the height and dimension of the building but also on the need for daytime or night marking. We provide safe and high intensity light intended for day as well as at night, ensuring that the lights do not create perplexing brightness. Medium intensity lights can be used during both the time zones but the low intensity lights are recommended for night time only. Any building or tower with height above than 200 ft. requires obstruction lights. The obstruction lights are constantly illuminated.

All the obstruction lights that we provide have LED lighting source. LED light sources are used in all types of light intensity bulbs (low intensity >32 candela; medium intensity >2000 candela; high intensity 200.000 candela). It is advantageous over conventional Fluorescence and Xenon lightning sources. The LED source has a long life expectancy up to 100.000 hours. The low power consumption and not production of any polluting agent make it the most durable lightning source. We provide white and aviation red colored LED light source bulbs with immediate switching on the system.